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I have been involved in the field of education since 2006. I have supervised life improvement courses and tutored many students successfully during this period.

My background is in electronics, which I used in the offshore industry for 25 years. I am very good in the practical side and application of the subjects that I tutor.

I have also trained in administration, which gives me a grounding in punctuation, grammar and presentation.

I can spot quickly where the problem lies, and have the ability to set it right, so that my students can be confident in that subject.

As an Applied Scholastics Tutor I have a range of tools to help my students achieve their goals.



I have lived and worked in Plymouth since completing my degree in 2001.

For the most part I have worked in the field of self-improvement through education and since 2009 have worked as a private tutor as my main profession.

I mainly work with children of primary school age. However, I sometimes also help older children and adults.

I love helping others to understand and to enjoy learning. I consider a good grounding in English and maths as vital for a child's future opportunities and well-being.

I am also an Applied Scholastics trained instructor and am qualified to train and establish new tutors.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree and my background is in health education. A large part of my professional life has been in the education of others including the supervision of students on placements for degree courses. I have experience in applying knowledge practically which I consider to be an essential part of learning.

I have many years of experience in report writing which has given me confidence and skill in my written communication skills.

I believe with the right approach to learning all students can enjoy education and achieve a level of understanding which allows them to reach their goals in life.

Success Stories for Plymouth Private Tutors

Jerry arrived for the first session and set about putting my daughter at ease, finding out what her issues were, how she felt about things and assessed where she was academically. He then devised a plan to help her and over the course of the summer I saw my daughter flourish, academically, under his tutelage. Jerry and my daughter struck up a fantastic working relationship. Up to then he was the only person able to get through to her, and real progress in terms of both her academic ability and self-confidence was made.



We have a daughter of 7 who is a very shy sensitive girl. We had concerns she was falling behind in class due to her lack of confidence. Whilst discussing this with a friend she recommended Viv to us. We haven’t looked back.

I can’t speak highly enough of Viv’s patience and understanding. How lovely it is to see our daughter’s confidence and self-belief grow. We know this will give her the best grounding for the rest of her education. Many thanks to Vivienne and the team.



I joined a new school three years ago at the end of year 3. My maths score went down because my new class had already started division. I got stuck on my work and couldn't catch up. I went down a grade and couldn't move up to the next level. I had some tutoring with Lisa and after about four months I had moved up a whole level from 3B to 4B.

I understand much more about maths now and I like it much more than I used to. I am going to keep aiming for a higher level.

From Marcus