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Vivienne Lowe

Vivienne Lowe

I have lived and worked in Plymouth since completing my degree in 2001.
On completing university, I went on to train in education through Applied Scholastics International after which I worked in the field of self-improvement through education.

Since 2009 however, I have worked as a private tutor as my main profession, teaching English, maths and specialising in the 11+ for which I run groups and 1to1 sessions.

I am passionate about education and the freedom, enjoyment, increased well-being, and opportunities education can bring.

My strengths are to tune in to the student in front of me to uncover how best to help, and to present the subject accordingly to bring about optimum understanding.

It is my firmly held belief that learning should take place in a fun and relaxed setting and that it is more successful and beneficial to the student when experienced in that manner. To that end, I aim to make lessons enjoyable to all students whilst concurrently being effective.

I am also an Applied Scholastics trained instructor and am qualified to train and establish new tutors.
I created and own Plymouth Private Tutors, and carefully select like-minded tutors to be part of this group whom I feel confident in referring students to.

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Calum O'Rourke

I have been involved in private tutoring for the past 6 years, while studying Maths and Physics at Durham University and since graduating with a master’s in 2019. Alongside having worked as a private and residential tutor, I work as a subject specialist for Studiosity Ltd. as a Maths and Physics Specialist. Besides physics and maths, I also am a linguist, teaching Spanish and German.

My style is very adaptive to the student, however I prefer teaching a more in-depth understanding of the material taught on the course. I have always had an interest for the more abstract areas of mathematics and science, and find the focus in schools all too often fails to capture the significance and intuitiveness of the materials taught.

Though it saves time in school not to explore the materials this way, this understanding is key in students who attain the highest grades - think how more effortless it is looking down at the landscape from above, than finding your way through the ideas at ground level.

In reality, practice and hard work from the student is always necessary. To this end, most of my tutor sessions structure around worked examples, but rapidly segue into deeper concepts as they arise; having the student explain their understanding of specific problems is an efficient way to pinpoint areas that need deep, encouraged thought on the part of the student.

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Clare Taylor

Clare Taylor

After graduating with a BSc in Mathematics in 2000, one of my first jobs was as a basic skills maths and English tutor at City College Plymouth.

I then entered the business world, where I stayed for some years. A large part of my varied roles included the delivery of training to staff and customers in topics such as health and safety and quality assurance. It was during this time that I gained a certificate in training.

A few years ago, I decided to enter education as my main profession. I became a functional skills tutor, supporting adult learners to gain qualifications in maths and English, and then decided to become a private tutor.

Passionate about education, I am dedicated to supporting children and adults of all ages and abilities. I create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere - we work hard in lessons though!

All students are different, and all learn in different ways, so I adapt to suit each individual need. I aim to make learning fun, offering plenty of enthusiasm, encouragement and support.

I am also a very proud mum of three children.

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Testimonials - Viv

Tree of Knowledge

"Viv’s calm and supportive approach was ideal for our daughter. She judged the ability of the group well, and targeted the weaker areas of each student, giving tailored homework each week.
Our daughter had always found maths difficult, and really benefited from Viv’s help on this and made great progress, so much that she achieved a really good score in the exam. This support also had a great knock-on effort on her maths work at school.
Viv handled the impact of Covid quickly, sensitively and effectively. Without missing a beat, she shifted to Zoom lessons and arranged a good system for us to collect practice papers and homework weekly.
It all worked really well and we were very happy with the arrangements. She also dealt calmly with the shifting exam plans (due to Lockdown) and ushered us through it all without any fuss."
Lucy and Carl

"My family and I moved to Plymouth more than a year ago. When I started my new school, I was far behind in my maths. I began 11+ tutoring that same year and since then with the kind, helpful support of Vivienne, my maths has improved significantly. I highly recommend Vivienne and hope that you find her as kind and reassuring as I did."

"Working with Viv has been amazing. She is very kind. She tries really hard to help you to find ways of understanding any tricky questions."

“All three of my children have worked with Viv. We all really enjoyed the experience and as a parent I was very happy to see each of my children flourish and grow in confidence with their learning.
Each of my children have very different characters and Viv was kind and supportive, taking the time to really get to know them well and helping them in any way they needed. I have and always will recommend Viv to any parent who is looking for a tutor.”

We have a daughter of 7 who is a very shy sensitive girl. We had concerns she was falling behind in class due to her lack of confidence. Whilst discussing this with a friend she recommended Viv to us. We haven’t looked back.
I can’t speak highly enough of Viv’s patience and understanding. How lovely it is to see our daughter’s confidence and self-belief grow. We know this will give her the best grounding for the rest of her education. Many thanks to Vivienne and the team.


Testimonials - Calum

Girl on Pencil

"Calum is fun and friendly! He makes maths more enjoyable and has significantly helped me to increase my grades. He is great at carefully explaining specific issues in maths!”

"Calum is friendly and resourceful, more importantly, patient."

"Thank you, Calum O'R, you are a life saver. I don't know what I would do without your help. Thanks so much for helping me to understand the concepts!”

"Fast replies that made perfect sense! Really clear explanations that helped to clear up gaps in my knowledge. Thanks, Calum!”



Testimonial - Clare

Boy on Book

"Clare has been absolutely amazing with my son Joshie. She has helped him build more confidence in his work and taught him how to deal with lengthy questions and how to break it down. She is helping him with both English and maths and working towards the 11+ exam. Joshie enjoys the one-on-one lessons with Clare as it means he can stop at any time without the worry of disturbing others. We are very impressed with the way she has had to adapt in the current situation. And how quickly and comfortable Joshie has felt with her as a tutor. I would recommend Clare to anyone who is looking for extra help towards their education!"
Becky (11+ Parent)

"I was tutored by Clare for my maths and English; in less than a year I passed both (and in the middle of a pandemic!). This was massively thanks to her continuous support, in and out of our lessons, whether it be via text, zoom or a call: Clare was always able to help when I needed it. Clare took the time to go through anything I had difficulty with, thoroughly, meaning I was learning at my own pace. Clare also took the time to mark and go through my work with me, enabling her to find me appropriate modules and practice papers to benefit me. Not only this, Clare is absolutely lovely and really makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend Clare as a tutor to anyone and if she taught any other subjects, I wouldn’t think twice about going to her."
Emma (Functional Skills Student)

"I am tutored by Clare and she is amazing. She makes you feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. Clare teaches clearly and makes sure that you understand what you have learnt before moving on. If you don't understand, she will go back and go through it again. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, any age needing a tutor."
Darcy (aged 10)


Girl with Learning Aids

Applied Scholastics