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Plymouth Private Tutors
Individual help for students' needs

  • Maths - up to GCSE
  • English Reading - Primary Level
  • 11+ Individual Preparation
  • Phonics - all ages
  • English Writing - up to GCSE
  • 11+ Group Preparation

Who are “Plymouth Private Tutors”?

We are a small group of tutors dedicated to helping children and adults of all ages and abilities.

With experience of tutoring students from 3 to 72 years old, we have seen them excel at the subjects they were once having difficulty with.

All our tutors have been trained in specific study methods, which help the students to fully understand and apply the information they have just learnt.

We specialise in finding the individual solution to the student's needs, whether this means going over old topics or covering new ground.

Are sessions one-to-one?

All sessions are one-to-one with the exception of The 11+ Group.  

What is The 11+ Group?

The 11+ Group is a small group enrolled on a programme of weekly study spanning a year. It is designed to prepare the students for the 11+ exam in September of Year 6. Please see The 11+ Group page for more details. 

How much will I need to pay and how do I pay?

One-to-one sessions are £25 per hour.
Students usually do well with one session a week.
If three or more sessions per week are required regularly, a discount can be arranged.

Group sessions are £15 per 75-minute session.

Online payments are preferred, 24 hours before the session.

Where will the tutoring take place?

Tutoring takes place at 69 Hermitage Rd, Plymouth, PL34RZ. It is a family home with a spacious designated tutoring room. Parents can either be present for the session or return at the end. Often a student works better without their parents there but you will know your child best.

Does tuition continue in the holidays?


One-to-one Sessions: Yes, although unlike term time when students are expected weekly, holidays are optional: students can have fewer lessons or more, subject to tutor availability.

Group Sessions: Yes. The schedule has been created to allow some time off in the holidays without losing session time; however, the summer holidays particularly are a crucial time as the 11+ exam is in mid September. Please see The 11+ Group Schedule for more details.

What happens if I wish to cancel?

Cancelling a lesson: We reserve the right to charge half the session fee if notice is given within 24 hrs of the session being cancelled or the full fee if there is no notice given at all. However, in most cases we understand life can be unpredictable and we much prefer to not do this, and where possible re-schedule the lesson.

Ceasing tuition: we simply request a minimum of 2 weeks' notice. If you are unsure as to whether it is the right thing to do to start with, you can always just book a few sessions as a trial.

Do the tutors have DBS checks?

Yes. If you wish to see the tutor's DBS document, please ask them and they will provide this.

Is it possible to meet the tutor before committing to lessons?

Yes. You can arrange an informal meeting with the tutor before deciding whether to go ahead with tuition. This is often helpful if the student is in any way apprehensive about the idea of tuition. Contact us by phone/email/website to arrange this.

How do I start?

Contact us to ask any further questions or to arrange lessons.

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